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The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Spring is here ! Clematis is flowering.  Rata is blooming.  Lambs are appearing.  Will our ewe have a lamb ? On 30th August Kathleen, Brian and I and 2 bishops and about 100 other people visited and celebrated the 200th anniversary of the first Christian service on NZ…

Forestry Operations

Just next door, but out of sight and sound of our property, a pine forest is being harvested.  The landscape looks so different.  The road is holding up well.  You just might meet a logging truck during work hours Mon – Fri, between now and Christmas, so drive slow, keep left and be alert.  In about 3 years time these steep hills next to us will be covered in lovely new green pine trees.


Hey, above we can see Kathleen’s brother Brian and this is his own sweet space.

Brian has been with us for most of the last 2 years. His lamb, “Tim Tam,” is now a sheep and the container has been finished and slept in for many months. Brian prays and builds and keeps us on our toes with many a bright remark.

Bush Streams and Birds

A delight over recent years has been to be visited by this fellow around this time of year.

Lots of water too, everywhere, with rain, rain, and dew, dew, and short hours of sunshine so ground staying moist.dec-2010...-flowers-pheasant-and-draggon-fliy-032-300x225


The dam today

The dam has lost some of its beauty but none of its drama.

A slip earlier this year took away a big section of land next to the dam on the left of the photo.

In winter the flow over the spillway is a lot greater than in this picture.  Cold and wet if you want to walk there today.