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The Gate | Autumn turning into winter
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Autumn turning into winter

Autumn turning into winter

The garden and trees show how quickly the change has come, The river rising and falling with the various amounts of rain make for an interest as we walk over the slip. The feijoas have been prolific this year with us still harvesting them to turn into jam, pickle, bottled fruit and dehyrated tastes for the months ahead. Of course there are many that have headed out to others to share.

Killing rats with traps and bait continue with the most recent one in the car on the floor which we saw climbing through the various pipes and wires heading inside after we left. Sure interesting with the situation that we face each autumn and winter as they head to warmer space. It’s good to catch them before damage occurs within spaces for nesting.

Evenings come early so the shorter days mean a different style of life. Fire in the rayburn warms the kitchen, cooking some of our tea tonight. Then the boiler to heat water for dishes and showers, and of course to be put into the floor for heating. Some of the amazing results of the planning of years ago. It’s helpful to have the wood sorted, dry and split. We are grateful for the storage areas we have.

Prunings have continued with some mulching and of course the areas looking rather bare with the knowledge that it will leaf up again the coming weeks. The berry area is looking great with pruning done and area mulched. A volunteer group are heading into the area to clear the Pukeatua Track so we will help with transport, using the carts or quad…to carry chainsaws and food.

The great opportunity for us to go to Shifiting the Nation through prayer conference in Wellington last week. It was a great gift that we had the chance to stay away with another living here with the willingness to watch the systems and keep the hens and ducks happy.

So we look forward to the days ahead with anticipation knowing we have always had help we need including the requested airlift, we haven’t had one since December 2022.


  • Beverley / 25 May 2023 11:42

    When I close my eyes I can smell the fejoas. Mum and Dad had about 16 trees back in Gisborne at our home. The trees are still producing some 60 years later. A familiar fruit.
    Dear rat, simply wants a home but not at your place I agree. So glad you got to the Capital, your place must be a welcome quiet homecoming ! Keep up the wonderful work as our Lord God Almighty is your provider and protector. Beverley.

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