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The Gate | Is this property a host to long tailed bats?
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Is this property a host to long tailed bats?

Is this property a host to long tailed bats?

This is a question I have long wondered with an attempt a few years ago to get some monitors from DOC but nothing came of it. But now, a desire of my heart fulfilled, there are 5 monitors spaced around the property with 2 at this end of the dam track and 3 close to the dam. All installed over the last few days of April 2023 and to be collected next week to be returned to the team from the Wairarapa that have loaned them to us via Jim O’Malley. What a great sense of being satisfied with all the walking I did on Saturday to put them up in trees if we find there are some here. It’s a waiting game.

Autum has proved still and fairly warm with feijoas falling of the trees for eating, dehydrating, making into chutmey and preserving. It’s a great gift to have enough to share with others. The mammoth variety is come ready now so they are a handful and tasty.

Rats and mice are about… great to catch them. Yesterday we were at Supercheap auto and found out that not only have they eaten wires in our car, polystyrene and left poos about they like to sit on the air filter and so out that came and into the car went rat bait. They simply like our car.

Preparing for a helicopter airlift is slow this time as I am waiting on some stainless steel DOC 200 traps to replace the galvanised ones I have worked with .. it’s time to improve what I have. Bring those plus possum traps, rat traps and bait with other goods and fly out the dismantled plastic house for repairs.

It;s also time to improve the garden fences, removing all the self sewn trees like mahoe and robusta…. they take over and so it’s a good move but a workout. I thereore need to keep the hare out of the garden area of make a way to protect vulnerable plants.

keep healthy is the key and of course warm and dry with the predicted rain of this week.

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