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The Gate | autumn beauty
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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autumn beauty

autumn beauty

Misty hill after a day of rain

A bucket a day of fejoias to pick up from under the trees

time to preserve with bottles and jars

Yes it’s a good time to harvest at last.

We are happy to have the garden under cover

from whatever eats the leaves and the plants

Elephant garlic and broad beans are in the ground

some lettuce in the hothouse abound.

So autumn brings work of pruning again

mulching and compost making to prepare for the spring

horse manure, cut leaves and mulch

piled up to rot and heat up.

So we prepare for winter witih pickles and jams

bottled fruit and other preserves using the dehydratator

When theirs sun about or the reburn in on

For gas needs to be carried over the slip when it runs out.

It’s been a time for visitors, friends from the past

coming to stay and share our life again

Plus the extras that live here helping us out

makes life interesting giving support for extra tasks.

A few thoughts on a wet indoors type of day with time to catch up with jam making, preserving and other internet tasks after a very full day preparing for the rain to come with drainage improved on the dam track and the garden planting done.

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