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The Gate | The roar- can you hear it? can you recognise it?
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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The roar- can you hear it? can you recognise it?

The roar- can you hear it? can you recognise it?

So many sounds around here with the river running high and the goats that frequent the slopes across the river. Now the sounds of the stags roaring come through the air occasionally. An amazing sound luring hunters on bikes heading with guns poked out of their packs, heading into the forest park for a couple of days. Autumn surely is upon us made more certain with the daylight savings change recently.

Opportnuties about for autuam clean up with pruning, weeding and vegetation cutting back. It is good to have apples to harvest and preserve, now the fejoias and passionfruit are dropping regularly. There is a dampness about with recent rains so I need to make sure the access over the slip is clear of green stuff that drops water as we pass.

Bolettes have been added to our diet, collected from beneath the pine trees on the road edge and in the neighbours. They are quite tasty. Plus the unmature pumpkins chopped up for veges, the odd bit of brocolli and plenty of spinach and silverbeet beneath the covers to keep sparrows away. There is a pesky hare that has attacked various plants and I found a 1/2 eaten apple from the tree in the front of the house.

Visitors bring colour to our world with the various conversations that we have. One bought some wood left over from a job and that helped with my making another shelf in the pantry… long planned for. Help is often coming at amazing times. Pineapple carried by one visitor became a meal the next day with a big bag of grapes given by the woman who willing took 3 female ducks and the drake on Monday as I have downsized my flock for over winter. The extra young males were culled for food. for us and 4 went to the local animal santuary.

that;s a taste if the life… if you want any natiive trees call by.. take from the ones which are on trolleys at the gate as have others, saves me work. and can go to a good home. See you some day soon. Kathleen

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