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The Gate | Changes continue
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Changes continue

Changes continue

What a great dose of heat and sun with the need to regulate what we did during the heat of the day. A good time to work in the garage and carport. It was a big decision to clean out the frames and burn the frames of the 2 hives as they had been robbed out ( all honey gone), with a bad dose of varoa mite damage and sac brood. I looked at the frames and thought I had American Foulbrood but with a further check from an expert we decided to burn the frames and keep the other parts of the hives. So no honey for me this year from here and no hives to care for. A decision about having a new hive needs to be made as a commerical beekeeper 500 m away will give me 2 new splits If I can get them here… with the need to treat more to keep the varoa mite population reduced.

A couple of nights in the bell tent have been good.. hearing birds and the rain from 3 am today. A bit more work to be done to keep the grass around it trimmed with the weed eater which is away for a service at the moment.

Lots of people walking to and fro. One walker said” I could have kissed you” when she saw the water stand. People from various parts of NZ and overseas. There have been 2 trolley’s use and only 3 tents in the camping area DOC prepared so bit of a slow start to the summer.

I had my first swim of the season only to find a black thing beside me in the water.. sure got out quickly to look back and see an eal weaving it’s way along the river bottom. Enough excitement fot one day.

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