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The Gate | The year ends with a warm windy days with cloudless skies.
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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The year ends with a warm windy days with cloudless skies.

The year ends with a warm windy days with cloudless skies.

Moaning, scraping, scratching and goans accompany me as I walked the emergency tracks doing the last run of pest control for 2022. A number of dead dried rats greet me, particulary gross are the long haired ones that seem to frequent our bush. It’s good to be in the trees with the sun beating down, shady and refreshing. I did wonder who was moving in the trees at one point to realise what a lot of noise one rolling rock can make moving through leaves and bushes.

The 10 trolleys are assembled, advertised locally through facebook and on the locked gate for campers to use. One has been away for a couple of days. I wonder if other’s will be used in the weeks to come? The good weather is ood news for people who have braved it to camp at Boilies Flat, the old picnic ground. I have in the past put up a tent for this week before New Year and slept outside to hear the birds… a couple of nights yet. Amazing how everything is growing well in the garden although harvest is some time yet. I think i have deterred the hare and dealt with a possums recently so now the runner beans and the last of the broad beans may be safe.

It’s a busy road past our gate, the water use is an indication of numbers… the 1o kg bottle has been filled 2 times this week. Te Aroroa walkers are heading out to Otaki, joining trampers, day walkers and the occasional hunter and bike rider or runner. Could there be 50 people a day? No counter, just our guess as there up to 25 cars at the locked gate. I try to keep an elementary record. The hardest thing is groups who come to go to the picnic ground meet the gate and wonder why they can’t get to the forest park, as we found on Christmas day, having travelled from Palmerston North. Signage says road closed at Blue Bluffs- what does that mean ? it’s the area of the slip between our house and where our car is parked but that means nothing to out of towners.

A common question we ask is, where are you from? Could be Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, Australia or other areas in NZ .. amazing array of nations.

Goats and deer are about over the river. A friend walking back from the dam heard some rustling and saw a big brown bottom… must have been a deer close by. It didn’t stay to say goodday. One of the hens has gone missing, could be a passing dog but no evidence anywhere to be found.

More accommodation… a bell tent with a queen sized bed and a few simple furnishings on the upper level. A great place to stay for those wanting an outdoor place. The area has been cleared around so it looks quite the place. A wee walk to toilet and shower. Improvements continue with the new gas califont in use and the roof over the old caravan that had a leaking roof with more work to be done on the inside to improve it’s looks and function as a cooking area.

About 5am, 8.30 and then from 4pm there are noisy ducklings making themselves known. It’s a big thing to have food and grass… the 12 young ones are growing quickly.

. The river is inviting on a sunny day… the visitors that have just left have certainly enjoyed being it the water and down at the river bed. Others come with their dogs and enjoy the area to so it’s not really a private beach.

may this be a great year for you with desires fulfilled and new opportunities opening up. Bless you from us here at The Gate.

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