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The Gate | Overcoming…keeping cheerful and productive
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Overcoming…keeping cheerful and productive

Overcoming…keeping cheerful and productive

Spring came and went and now there’s lots of growth in the garden and along the paths that calls for ‘work’ but with the wet or hot days that’s not something that’s happened easily. Pest control checks happen to a schedule so that helps keep rats at bay and the odd stoat. Pity possums like to congregate near the hen house and garden, I have killed 4 recently so they now reside in bucket and old onion bag to feed the hens with maggots. That’s what i call recycling.

We saw a great activity recently with DOC removing the retired rangers’ gear after 2 years of wait for him… a great display of stuff flying back and forth before 6 loads were delivered here including a piece of family history in a chest of drawers strapped onto a pallet and a pallet with 10 gorilla garden carts to help people get to the camping ground with their gear this summer. DOC staff have been preparing Boilies Flat are for tents and installing a kitchen sink area. Smaller in area and closer that the schoohouse flats area which some are using.

There is a plan … to have KCDC councillors visit before the road opening decision is made. I wrote an impact report of our 2 years to share with them and we have visit from 2 Otaki local Board councillors.( one a ward councillor). March the time being prepared for make a decision with reports of costs from the KCDC staff and of course us and interested and affected others. We are enjoying being here with the covering of the old cooking caravan with a roof other maintanence jobs being done including a new gas califont in the shower/toilet hut. Some seats have been planed and oiled so looking good.

We have purchased a bell tent for more accomodation so I am always preparing for more…. meeting walkers has been a good thing with people from the nations appearing up here which is the entrance to a national park and so that’s brings conversation and a drink of water plus a comment in the book I prepared by some.

Access is over the slip using steps and rope so come and enjoy the Forks area over this holiday time. May you have a blessed rememberance of the birth of Jesus Christ and a very amazing New Year.

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