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The Gate | Waiting
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Many ways for us .. rain to stop and rain to come, the helicopter airlift that was cancelled last week with the various things now sitting for another day, the decision about the reopening of the road which is to be made in March by the Kapiti Coast District Councillors after the plan is put before them. So life goes on with many things in our lives entailing waiting. Today it’s for a call to say the truck which is bringing carts for us to assemble to be used by campers in the months ahead.

The garden is getting planted with warmer weather here, corn, beans and butternuts as some of these.. potatoes and tomatoes, and of course different greens. So we are glad to have the space with another area prepared over the winter.

We have connection with various people as they pass. Now I have the stand with a book for comments by visitors, not sure how to get those who haven’t come because they aren’t sure if it’s ok as the road isn’t officially opened yet. 2 locked gates hinder the way in and out for us but the signs give an indication on what’s ahead.

One walker commented on the pest control he found as he stepped into the bush with his dog.. on his way south from Whangarei . Another conversation we had was with a visitor from Latvia cooking a brown trout for his tea and encouraging us to share it… they can’t get to stay in the forks so park up at the locked gate.

The steps make a huge difference to our access but the walk from the house carrying heavy things doesn’t get easier but it’s a help to have a wheelbarrow as I found when taking out the guitar and violin for the weekend plus my pack… left at the bottom of the stairs yesterday as David carried the empty gas bottle to the car. A trolley may be easier.

So here we are praising God that we have food and shelter, a beautiful place to live and the ability to get to and fro. There’s plenty to keep us active and alert and of course availablity to help those who visit or in need as we found when SARs volunteers called in Thursday night asking if we had a vehicle here… off when the quad as they were out looking for a lost tramper saving 21/2 hours of walking, finding him before dark. So come visit as you can.

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