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The Gate | Spring movements
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Spring movements

Spring movements

Yesterday we saw a flock of goats in the riverbed heading along and then back into the bush … all watched from the slip as we came home yesterday. We didn’t have binoculars as another but it was a great sight. The new batch of ducklings are growing and eating grass off the fenced lawn outside our bedroom window so we are enjoy these.

A cool spell means planting out seedlings, tomatoes and other plants is on hold until warmer. My desire for more colour has been worth it outside our small lounge window with pansies lifting their yellow and purple faces to the sun, a cheery sight. Dull days again, more rain predicted so we are on this journey of living in a cool season with the plants growing best under cover in the plastic houses we have. Some brassicas are looking like they are hearting up so I trust the cabbages come to something worthwhile as I have grown them in bags over the winter.

How to use the days…there’s always something to do with the potential for more. There is mulching to do now the storage area is cleared out, getting the fire hose organised on a new system and of course pest control work. Do I go with possible rain forecast?

A great chance we will have more things helicoptered in with DOC organising an airlift late November. Now to plan for that. Making purchases of bird food, wood to make a cover for the caravan, We seem to accumulate enough to make it worthwhile.

PLans are in place for a full KCDC counciil meeting to decide on the road opening with a project manager employed to prepare a costings and plans. We will have a chance to put in our request as will DOC and of course the pressure of the public to justify spending the money required to do the work and maintain the road for tne next 25 years. It’s been obvious that the forest park was a popular place over the weekend with 48 cars parked at the road end for trampers and day walkers. The camping ground is going to be at Boiles Flat for those who can carry their gear in. Are we going to be helping ??? do we offer? IT would be good to see in used by families again.

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