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The Gate | You can walk to the dam if given authoristion
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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You can walk to the dam if given authoristion

You can walk to the dam if given authoristion

The new protocol to get the privilege to visit the dam is to download the Safevisit app and then read the hazards for the dam and the Arcus dam track, making contact with us for permission so that you are aware of hazards and your responsibility. When you visit you will find there are signs and a chain in the appropriate places.

If you do walk along the track the corebys or spider orchids are flowering and I found a new spot where they seem to be prolific which covers the edge of the track and over the bank not far from another patch that extends up into the ferns about 20 mitres from the 6th stream that crosses the track. What a privilege to see this again, it’s like being a detective.

A spring afternoon after the cold spell with snow on the ranges close by, with time to check the beehive.. it’s buzzing with lots of new brood and so it will so be time to split it to make another as I had put them together with lots of drone bood in the smaller one indicating the queen was failing. Soon the honey flow will begin… in November but that time will come quickly.

a visit from family today.. first time in 2 years so that was a special gift and significant as the 2 year old granddaughter hasn’t been here before. A tour of hens, ducks and garden all made for a bit of a good time picking watercress from the water table to take home.

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