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The Gate | Spring sure has it’s daily changes
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Spring sure has it’s daily changes

Spring sure has it’s daily changes

A new sense of warmth coming hasn’t lasted. The seeds I planted a few weeks back have really been unsuccessful in germinating. The hens’ are starting to go to cluck more so the cage has proved useful for a few days. One of the Moscovies has started to sit on eggs? how many but who knows if the new drake has been doing his thing until 5 weeks have passed.

What a focus pest control has been this month with the Papa Taiao Earth Care course here which was a highlght for me with young people introduced to a new skill and they were a great gift to us with their willingness to learn, relate and go bush. This has been followed by a group of cubs from Levin spent yesterday morning helping put out the D Rat traps I have had in storage for many months. It was a delight to have this blitz on the area across the Pukeatua… monitoring for birds, weta motels to go out and Flipping Timms possum traps to be checked that I put out in the afternoon. There offer of hours became 2 but these 8-10 year olds made a difference, willing carrying and putting up traps on 2 levels… yes they had been divided into 2 groups, upper and lower levels.

It’s amazing how an extra helper can get extras done.. The door on the shed across the slip how swings shut with it being taken off hinges and planed to fit, then painted after it being jammed for weeks. There’s opportunity to more with spring growth happening. Sean has erected a frame to go over the blueberries, now for a bird netting cover. The gift of helps has really encouraged me who has done a lot of the tasks outside that don’t need a chainsaw or secuters that David uses.

THe sign saying road closed,, the metal stand and 7 cones that have sat on the road are now over the other side of the slip… man handled over with help from a passing traveller who had been training for the ironman event. In the house is a monitor connected to sensors on the slip and the messages being relayed via cellphone connectionj to Petone. Also a rain guage sits on the toilet block roof for more accurate recordings???? to the ones David has been making. So for how long? A year?

How amazing that we were directed to purchase the property all those years ago without any knowledge about trees, birds, insects, pests and how we would build a place where people could connect with God the creator and lover of them. We are amazed how much we have learned and developed, and are still learning and being challenged by. We look forward to see what the summer brings.

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