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The Gate | birthday greetings for me… spring has come
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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birthday greetings for me… spring has come

birthday greetings for me… spring has come

We woke September 1st to another slip blocking the road between the house and the large slip with lots of vegetation over the road and lots of water running from the exposed spring. It took David and I about an hour to get it cleared using saw, looper, chainsaw and sectures…. a passerby asked if we were volunteers or paid to do this… my reply ” We live here” for me it was a needed as i was planning to leave to go to Otaki for a workshop on grants put on by KCDC… made it but late > need to get my paper work into action for a Heritage Fund grant this year but there are other possibilites to consider now.

Visitors are coming here with more fine days and spring is in the air. 3 of the out buildings are occupied and the cooking caravan has had the ceiling stripped as it was sodden… leak or condensationnthe cause. Looks like a carport type shed would need to be erected over it to protect it for future as the roof has sunk in places pooling water. We are sure getting ideas to heat the outbuildings… more power options and also the possiblity of a small heater in each but what is best?

more walkers on the track to dam… some for times of prayer and reflection, others to enjoy the bush, waterfall and walk. a great time to hear birds again.

There is a good activity of pest control learning with Papataoa to get NCA credits. The first group in 2 years so quite a lot action which is great…we enjoy having the younger generation here again.

A new garden area has been prepared and fenced off with windbreak and a cover being prepared for the berry area so that’s a step forward and gives new possibliities.

Helicopters are a life line… 5 loads bought here and 2 out…. bird food, groceries, sawdust, potting mix and horse poos made up some of the loads. Great thankfulness I have for this service.

So many ways we can exepress our thanks… sure brings new songs to mind…Praises to God for me, freely given. And the peace in this place is amazing

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