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The Gate | yahoo… work on the slip access planned
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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yahoo… work on the slip access planned

yahoo… work on the slip access planned

Yahoo…. Thursday last week the helicopter drop happened bringing 4 loads from the spring’s paddock and taking the mulcher from here plus rubbish and a spinning wheel. Loads included groceries in bags, bird food, milk powder 25kg, wood, sheep poo and pineneedles, gas bottles and diesel…a great help for I have collected the stuff over a number of weeks waiting for the day.

Yahoo… a shelter to change in. After walking from home it’s somewhere to change out of boots and rain gear to town clothes. We purchased a hut from Bailie Homes Ltd in Otaki and it arrived the time the helicopter was there with trouble getting into the parking area by the truck so he finally backed in and lifted it over the fence/hedge of trees to locate it by the gateway. It can be moved by helicopter if we want when JD is in the area for the DOC work.

Yahoo… there is a plan to dislodge large stones from the slip face and made a wider track with formed steps and a secure rope to assist us on our journey started possibly Wednesday… over the next couple of weeks with 2 people with radio contact with the workers so we can go over safely during working hours.

Yahoo…the drinks trolley was flown in so now i need to get a roof over the top. ? have hot drinks .. at least everything will be under cover soon. A plan to have it ready for winter. Maybe I can offer drinks in the house….

The fejoia season is still on… time to cook some more today to bottle. 2 lots of chutney has been made.

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