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The Gate | Finally I have been able to access the website again
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Finally I have been able to access the website again

Finally I have been able to access the website again

What a learning curve… dismiss the request to pay discount domains their fee and then no access until it’s all sorted which has been quite a journey.

We are living in an isolated place with many opportunities to see people who pass, some calling in to say hi. It’s been 19 1/2 months of road closure with the challenges of getting supplies here which was made more difficult by the fall on December 9th 2021. We live with isolation but vegetable gardens, ducks and a warm house with firewood and all the extras to keep us occupied. It has been an interesting journey with new back packs to bring supplies here plus the occasional helicopter lift of supplies that have been stockpiled on the otaki side of the slip on the piece of land we call the ‘springs paddock’. What a life!

We are getting rain which changes things around here with needing the generator more and the boiler to head the water on sunless days. Great to have the opportunity to keep living here with the support of people we have come to stay. It has been great using the hot house with tomatoes still ripening and greens at an eatible stage. We are also having duck for occasional meals, with more in the future. The fejoias have been plentiful so there’s a few bottles preserved for future use, plus extras given like quinces and pears. It’s amazing to see how there is abundance here.

I have been thinking a bit more colour in the garden would be welcome with most of the flowers gone…more bulbs perhaps, daisies and other coloured plants now the dahilas are finished and the other annuals have died down. A thought of rearranging some of the beds with more flowers is appealing but of course it takes a bit of work. I have been recycling the potting mix by adding compost, manure and lime on a tarpaulin so I can reuse it… all good and ready for plants I have now in punnets waiting for planting… Some garlic planted!

until next time

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