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The Gate | Updating the challenges after the change with the road blockage
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Updating the challenges after the change with the road blockage

Updating the challenges after the change with the road blockage

We have found it’s preferable to have a 2 minute helicopter ride to walking with difficulty for 2 1/2 hours that we did on Boxing day as David found it very difficult coming down the old emergency track… we are not as agile and young as we were 5 years ago, especially him after a year with 3 surgeries. The option was to walk so we needed to test it out but not again. We couldn’t get into the forest so no car available so that made it clear we needed to risk life and limb.. we did and arrived home.

So life goes on at home.. it’s raining again today so taking a bit of a break from outside work with the garden and pest control work calling after we spent a week away in Wellington and more before coming back. Extra supplies were obtained and so that meant it was a full helicopter for me ( Kathleen) and that’s got to keep us for a while as there’s no planned schedule for this again. David walked home with the thought he wouldn’t do it again. It is an evolving story for us coordinating with the forest owner re the lock on the gate.

I made attempt to have shelving for my preserves using various pieces of wood and screwed together. It was good to have a creative project completed. There was a good amount for the job. I know that there are other jobs to do and will have to see if we have the resources. The garden needs a new amount of work with a growth from all the rain, all 400 mils in December. The bees are finding that the trees have flowered during the rainy time, so not much honey in storage this year but both hives are going ok.

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