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The Gate | an ongoing journey
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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an ongoing journey

an ongoing journey

After 3 days of resting after such a big change in our lives I have spend today outdoors, mostly in the garden covering blue berries, removing seed heads to dry of russian kale and mustard, plus cleaning out the composting toilet and also putting a sheet of metal above the door of the sleeping container.. Great to have a helper cutting grass with lawnmower and stimmer and giving a hand when needed.

More rain is expected and we haven’t got a clear understanding of the transport needs being met with the local helicopter being serviced in Nelson so one is being arranged from Caterton if the weather is suitable to take us out to our car on Wednesday so David can have his checkuip at Palmerston North Hospital. We live in different times… the backpacks have come out of storage, so we need to think about what we need to take over to the car for our return journey or buy while out of here.

We have had thoughts of vehicles and accommodation if we are out for an evening so as not to be travelling in the bush in the dark over the next months. A caravan, yurt or hut with a source of heat…a 4 wheeled drive for the forest road, and of course other things will come to mind. It will be a time of being dependant on friends for sure, one to continue to collect things couriered or stored, the occasional night staying out. it feels a bit surreal at present with knowing we have about 1.5 km to walk to get to the top of the ridge above the house.

It’s still and sticky.. the sky is dark with heavy clouds but no rain yet but 40 ml predicted in the next couple of days. .

I will keep you posted as the days go on. I am reminded as I read God’s word that I am not to be anxious and to ask God for our needs to be me and wait expectantly for an answer. Kathleen

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