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The Gate | changes, changes, changes
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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changes, changes, changes

changes, changes, changes

Days ahead will be sunnier, but the rain is coming.tonight after days of showers.

The DOC toilets have been cleaned to the last time for a while for me after a fall from my bike coming down the steep hill by the caretakers house. A deep clean of toilets and cutting the grass for the first time in 14 months as DOC is opening the area for summer camping at Boiles Flat the old picnic grounds. It is likely to open for camping by mid December to the vaccinated.

A new glass house is being made from various recycled wood, windows and glass.attached to a wood shed close to the garden

David is continuing to heal which make me glad so my days of pulling and pushing the food from the car in the buggy and trolley by myself will change. To make it easlier the quad is helpful and he will be back driving again.

So church services are now 1 hour… took us 45 mins to walk and drive there today. Changes all around the country

the local library, swimming pool and other facilites are closed to unvaxed, families are divided in the nation, shops are making big decisions about who can enter and i guess we have become a nation of informants and judges in this present climate.

What a sad direction Lord we need a revival as the nation has turned away from God so we are seeing the consequences as we head to Judgement. Lord revival with repentance .. Lord hear our prayer.

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