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The Gate | My oh my the weeks go by
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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My oh my the weeks go by

My oh my the weeks go by

With wind and rain

days pass and go on

We continue to wait

passing the locked gate

Yes it’s different and long

but there’s hope to go on

We are warm and comfortable

in this latest storm

I am grateful for the opportunities the place we live in gives with walks, possuming, garden to tend with veges to eat, birds that I can’t always identify and of course the occasional walker and bikers passing by. We are heading towards the 11 month mark… it’s hard to believe nearly a year has gone by but it has with it’s challenges, connections and of course changed lifestyle. We continue to pull in or push in groceries and David has had the 2 operations with time to rest while he recouperates. Help has come with the support to cut up wood, trees removed from the dam track to keep it open, visits on a monthly basis by Mark from KCDC and of course interested neighbours. Lots to be grateful for and of course one of these would be the internet and phone connections which means I can join prayer meetings on zoom, send emails, do research and order goods on line. It’s a bit difficult not attending meetings at night but we haven’t suffered for that really.

While we wait we try to be sensitive to heaer God’s voice of encouragement, direction, correction and such like.

May that continue for all of us … be blessed

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