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The Gate | diffent days with different challenges
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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diffent days with different challenges

diffent days with different challenges

We live in a place were there a predators and rodents as we have been finding out by experience. The harrier hawk did some damage to the ducklings and then this week a falcon (Karerea) attacked a hen so this is a new experience for us.. Of course we have the meat to eat but it can seem inconvenient the timing. David and Sean saw the falcon at close hand and got the chicken off the bird, rather damaged it was.

The rats and mice have found a warm place to settle for the night Tand have a feed of wires… even though we have traps and bait outside the car and inside now as the car needed to have about 5 hours in the garage to get the wires back to a good condition to repair the damage. … Oh the cost!

There is not clear plan for the road improvement… will they make it legally passible with some extra monitoring in place or will we still wait for the decisons to be made after the recent testing. It’s a slow process it seem with nothing likely to be done before the end of December.. months away and even longer. A meeting with the KCDC roading manager gave us an update but no clear future plan, just further decisions to be made.

Well we live quietly with David recouperating a repair operation… slowly he feels more revived but the expected outcome hasn’t happened so we continue with what we have been doing and now he has been instructed to squat a few times a day. How great it was to get our wood supplies organised by a visit of friends as we weren’t prepared for 6 weeks of no lifting. It was good timing as we had our usual cold spell of weather in late May come over last weekend ,followed by a few frosts.

Pest control work goes on … a busy week walking the tracks, purchasing supplies to spend the grant money from the Kapiti Coast District Council. This was helped by a few supplies from the Greater Wellington Regional Council staff member that I met with on Thursday to help me get better at recording with the Trapnz website/app so that I have up to date information as I go rather than double handling it. .. I will see how it goes, probably being very helpful for a couple of volunteers who have been offering assistance as they can log into the same site from their phones.

The Lord is good and does good, He is near those who fear HIm…. all verses that encourage me on this journey.

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