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The Gate | woopsy or was it Eeek?
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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woopsy or was it Eeek?

woopsy or was it Eeek?

A rat in the glove box yesterday… it was soft and moved when I put my hand in there. What a shock! I usually deal with dead ones in traps so this was a surprise.
“David I need you to deal with it”. He took a while to respond but it stayed in tne one position probably because of the rat bait that had been put under the bonnet of the car as the bait outside hasn’t been touched. So that’s the life of a car in the wild…visited by vermin.

I had Sunday with dedicated pest contol workers and bird monitoring helpers at a property in Paraparaumu. What a privilege to be among some knowledgable people, one who is willing and putting together graphs from the records of catches I have been making over the years. I was told we are doing an amazing job, so got to keep it up. Today I headed out into the wind and showery weather to empty pitfall traps to find out what insects/ beetles we might have here. All the pottles were filled with water so I am not sure what was found…. all put into isopril alcohol.

Thinking about the dam and prospects is on the agenda as we have been told that the one on our property is under the jurisdiction of the Waikato Regional Council as are all other dams in NZ. There is a proposal to have the unused ones removed by 2023 so we have a few years of grace. We wait to see what God and man will do about this.

The subsidence looks like there is some sinking on the river side but the road it self is flatten and therefore deceptive about what is going on underneath with the digger smoothing it all over. Of course people are asking what are the findings from the digging and drilling, I guess we will hear in due course.

Such lovely weather for pruning and garden work, planting and making mulch…. a great heap of this is brewing under a tarpaulin. The ducks were under shelter for a week and so not extra killings by the hawk recently which is helpful, I am just beginning to let them out more.

So here we have it… a sort of catching up for this week.

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