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The Gate | the waiting continues with some land movement
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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the waiting continues with some land movement

the waiting continues with some land movement

In talking to those who come to look they say they notice quite a bit of movement on the road without tarseal. The Kapiti Coast District Council has contracted a company to do some test drillling so we will see changes in the future with a machine on site. the concrete barriers have been moved aside with a plan for a gate to be installed. Now it’s raining so that may wait.

Challenges this past week have been with vehicles.. first of all the lights in the car, the ABS and the break warning lights with no obvious reason found with the wheels or with the scanner test… then the auto electrician who found finally be looking along the line 2 wire chewed with a nest being made beside the passenger seats at the back of the car… yes a mouse or rat entered the car sitting outside under the pine trees.. such a warm and cosy place. WIth that cost we will need to keep bait inside the engine area and under the car to prevent that again.

The other car is in for repairs after coming off road on the gravel… fortunately David had no injuries from that incident.

I continue to walk the hills with pest control work… needing a new pair of hiking boots without plastic soles in this area. It’s amazing to be among the ferns and trees knowing there’s still rats around as well as the birds, some of which I don’t recognise the call of.

Rain has come, just as I was harvesting tomatoes in the garden to ripen inside or use as a green tomato dish. There’s other veges I want to harvest but I am glad that I came inside before the heavy shower have just had. All predicted so it’s out with wet weather gear when we go out now.

Daylight saving has come, the nights are sure earlier with the sense that winter isn’t far away even though it has been quite warm lately.

Keep well, keep dry and keep smiling in thankfulness in and for whatever comes your way.

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