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The Gate | we haven’t had the great rumble yet
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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we haven’t had the great rumble yet

we haven’t had the great rumble yet

The months pass by, now 5 with the cracks increasing in width, the subsidence contiuing to happen and people who cross to come to the Forks using different means… walking or riding . We are the only legal ones doing so we were told by Kapiti Coast District Council this week during a visit to tell us of up and coming actions to find the extent of the movement and depths to solid rock over and above the fortnightly visit by surveyors. The cracks are creaping into the lower hillside so it will mean major works in the future taking some of our land to do so.

Our life goes on… hampered by the removal of the 3 wheeled bike buggy that we used to carry groceries and goods. Pity but that’s what happened when we were away at the Kite Festival for 2 days running a stall on making paper kites for children. We are now doing various tasks around the house and property, maintanence and pest control including pruning, painting, gardening and the cleaning of the DOC toilets in the Forest Park.

There is no timeline for work to be done, it’s wait till the road falls, possibly over the winter but nothing is certain… could we have a road reinstated by the end of the year… no one can guarantee that.

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