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The Gate | The road continues to move
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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The road continues to move

The road continues to move

I thought it was time to get some visual indication of what I have shared on the most recent blog.. the photo has been taken by a surveyors using a drone, yesterday. It doesn’t give you the amazing view of subsidence by the tarsealed road end but it sure shows the extent of what is happening slowly.

Will the rain today make a marked difference ? It’s a guessing game how long it will take to fall.

When it does our access will be changed so need to be prepared to use the ridge behind the house or the dam track and emergency track to the forest edge. We haven’t arranged any access through Cyrus Hills forest yet but necessity will change everything I am sure as there is no other way but walking… not sure if I want to do the 5-6 hour walk to Waikanae, Mangone South road.
I wonder what the Lord will work out for us? Keep trusting in His goodness.

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