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The Gate | Slowly, slowly things happen around here
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Slowly, slowly things happen around here

Slowly, slowly things happen around here

It’s now 9 weeks since the road was closed. We have seen the progress to get an emergency track in place with negotiations and then the work to be done. Our side of the access has a large slip that would have impeded access but some work has been done in it to make it safer but not quad accessible. i haven’t been past the slip to do pest control so need to do that now to move some of the traps and tunnels plus the leg traps for possum catching that i have recently used on the beginning of the dam track. I also had a modified timms trap that caught our first feral cat so it’s obvious that is one species that I need to consider is also in the area to remove.

It’s been unusually wet and cold over the past weeks and today is no different with the rain warnings in place. It has been hard for the bees to get to the nectar of the flowering trees around here so the quantity of honey will be noticably less for many, like myself. I am ever hopeful of course. Even with the planting of the garden… put in seeds and plants but everything is slow and possibly disease prone with the dam weather, I also had a chicken attack on the recently planted greens so if it’s not one thing it’s another.

How do we interpret : “it’s at your own risk ” that we travel over the potential slip area… what about visitors or potential guests. Where does that place us? Legally where does the responsibilty lay if we have you come to stay. We are needing to ask a few more questions.. either of the local council or a lawyer. Mind you carrying food/ bags and such isn’t the issue, it’s all back to what risk you will take as we see hunters still coming on quads and other means of transport..

A few questions linger in our minds about possible timing of the length of this closed road experience. It would be good to know in our world of planners, but it seems not likely that it will fall for our timetable. So the emergency track is almost done…. one problem is the point that it opens up above the lucitanicas with it being close to our open land at the top of the ridge and the attraction of heading straight down the ridge to the house. ( in the planning stage this option was being agreed to but practially it hasn’t happened with the DOC workers

Keep carrying on through the wet days and the fine

Plan and adjust what you may do, as the day decides

Don’t be amazed or discouraged

It’s not all about you

Keep trusting, looking forward

knowing you will get through

this time with Joy

trusting that God is here with you.

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