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The Gate | Slowly life changes.
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Slowly life changes.

Slowly life changes.

It’s been a month now since the road gates were locked and signs went up. No emergency access has been negotiated yet so we see the occasional walker, push bike, motor bike and quad heading inland. We have a chance to talk with some.

We bike or walk 1.5 km to the where the car is parked so need to allow enough time to do that bit when planning time away in Otaki or Wellington. Yesterday we left 1 pm and got back home at nightfall 8pm after a 1 1/2 hour visit with family. It was ok but took longer than a car ride as we used the train service. We need to be patient with each other and communicate where we are as officially we are the only ones here now that the DOC Ranger has left to stay elsewhere although he may be back to check things in a couple of weeks. We are surely in another period of waiting…. time to seek the Lord, pray, read the word, have a retreat at home with the occasional forray out in Otaki or elsewhere.

I took some photos today of the road… looks ok from the distance….. and the road edge that is subsiding with cracks in various places that can only be seen when close to them. I wonder if it will be heavy rain that will cause the fall to happen or whether something can activate the action? It is good that we have had the quad serviced, got good backpacks, are self generating power, don’t have any major maintanence issues to address.

We have been asked about leaving the house, etc but wher etoo and what to do with the beehives which will soon be in full nectar collecting with kamahi and other trees flowering, what about ducks and hens and of course the security of the place let alone keeping up with pest control activities that I do. This seems a but difficult as we would have to have a fully furnished house too as we aren’t really happy taking a vehicle over the area in question. So why not stay and give no place to fear or anxiety… live by faith that we will be looked after and stay safe.


  • Beverley / 16 January 2021 6:50

    Can a helicopter land in your area ? That would also encourage me to stay ! At least you could be rescued comfortably by foot as opposed to those who go for day walks not stating to somewhere where their going or taking a ‘just in case’ emergency back pack !
    Beverley. Tawa. Wellington.

  • Beverly / 31 August 2021 10:18

    an emergency one did land in the middle of the night but not recommended unless you have big bucks….a walk is possible over the hills and far way.

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