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The Gate | time passes with little changes
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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time passes with little changes

time passes with little changes

It’s a month since the gates were locked across Otaki Gorge road so our life has been different since then. And so we wait, some of the cracks have enlarged and slumping has continued close to the springs paddock but overall just walking across is about the same. The concrete barriers have been ajar so we have brought our serviced quad bike back after 2 weeks.

The changes have bought a measure of quietness into our lives intersected by the occasional phone call and connection with Steve the DOC Ranger. We have taken time to be still, i have pottered in the garden getting reading for planting with some tyres filled with the contents of the bukashi buckets, soil from the hen run and some leaves we collected into bags from a friend’s house in Otaki a few months ago. So I’m stirring into action by taking out some of the finished plants, picking the seed heads of the russian kale before it bursts into flower, looking at the task of getting everything started for the months ahead by soaking seeds, buying some more plants ready to go like silverbeet, spinach, pokchoi and 2 zuchinni plants. It’s amazing to see potatoes sprouting and the odd bit of asparagras appear.

On walking it’s great to see the Oleria Rani flowering mostly on the part of the road from the corner entrance to the Pukeatua stream track to the cairn…5 trees here flowering every 5 years. There is lemonwood (tarata) and wineberry which I believe the bees are collecting nectar from plus the gorse as there’s plenty of yellow pollen on the legs of the bees.

It’s time to try making some weta motels… have yet to try the small hand held router…. but a hand saw cut the wood today so I’m heading forward. I will try to do some kind of creative project each day I think. There are tunnels to make up so there’s a never ending possiblity list for me.

It’s time to contemplate on the goodness of God, what He is like and to take time to listen and meditate on His word. Yes all these are aspects of prayer and then there’s thanking Him for the privileges we have at this time, a time of learning, reading and journalling. So one can fill the day in many ways plus throwing in some walking and pest control work.

Reading the biography of Rees Howells has been a reminder and challenge to live as ” dead ” with no will or self to dominate my life and reactions, to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to do God’s will. In other ways it’s to be obedient to promptings, to step out into what I feel God is wanting me to do, even if it’s a phone call to a friend who had been planning to visit this week, to tell her about the road so she said to me, ” This is a God call”. She will change her plans! A pity but at least it saved a difficult situation as I didn’t know she was planning to come till I phoned her.


  • Steve Chelvan / 23 October 2020 4:16

    AMEN & BLESSINGS Kathleen what a beautiful blog

    BRIAN’S Friend

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