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The Gate | Signs of change on the land and sea.
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Signs of change on the land and sea.

Signs of change on the land and sea.

Walking at dusk last night highlighted the isolation we are in. No sign of traffic on the road which has had a day of rain. It was amazing to see in the fading light the flowers of Oleria Rani, Wineberry and Lemonwood trees were visible in the growing darkness as we walked from the carpark to the bridge…. amazing that it’s flowering time again. We had birds with their evening chorus around us with the piwakawaka flitting about. Quite a scene as we strolled together, sharing life.

A different time of year than lockdown, a different focus with thoughts of how to be filled with the Spirit of God and have fruitful lives. It’s been a locked in situation with still being able to walk across the road, as we wait to the fall. I do wonder sometimes how long.,… even thinking on Saturday about the scripture in Mark 11 where Jesus said, ” you can say to the mountain be cast into the sea”. By faith believing and it will happen. So that’s a word for us but we declared it would be into the river, soon, within 1-2 months not 3 years, leaving us a place to walk across and a road be formed again. .

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