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The Gate | the continuing unfolding of this present saga.
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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the continuing unfolding of this present saga.

the continuing unfolding of this present saga.

More signs are expected today to alert trampers about access to the Tararua Forest Park as plans are being made for an alternative entry which will probably include our place again using the dam track from Kathy’s Way. Steve the Ranger appeared on his scooter with Patch perched on the back to get a key for the gate to be opened to the track as he came in that way on Wednesday night.

More signs, less foot traffic wanted as we wait the day when that piece of hillside that has the cracks that are increasing in size, fall into the river. It’s a waiting game so as we transverse the area on foot I wonder when, many speculations around. The quad is getting serviced and we are making it safer with a roll bar and adding a small trailer with the help of the local serviceman.

Our days will change in character and activity for sure, especially as I won’t be going to Lower Hutt each week to see family as I did last term. It’s sure an exercise in surrender…being able to change into what seems like a new season. Surely God is in this so we embrace what time we will have for more prayer and waiting on HIm.

I imagine it will include more walking and carrying loads so I have tried to purchase for a few weeks in anticipation of a long journey of waiting and fixing. I will need to move the water tank in the Springs paddock from it’s prime position I imagine, collect up pest control bait stations and be prepared for changes in the springs paddock as engineers consider a solution to the road access across our land.

It feels like a roller coaster journey… nothing certain, daily arranging, changing plans and activities with some that remain the same like feeding the birds and going out doing pest control activities resetting traps and replacing bait, keeping to a schedule is good.

Safety is important as David found falling off his bike carrying a box at Blue Bluffs, grazing a hand, elbow and hip, nothing bad but a reminder to take care.


  • Ross and Merron / 10 October 2020 8:44

    You are in our thoughts and prayers as you work through the latest challenges.
    Love from Ross and Merron

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