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The Gate | Road closure at Blue Bluffs
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Road closure at Blue Bluffs

Road closure at Blue Bluffs

It has happened rather suddenly yet not really with the way the cracks have been appearing in the road especially obvious was the slumping of land opposite the gate to the springs paddock. It changes our life to one of walking at least 1 km, trolleying or wheelbarrowing supplies plus using a back pack again as we come and go. The signs say No Pedestrian Access from the locked gates. This mean no hunters, trampers and day walkers are welcome to walk past our house but as we have found many people don’t read signs.

The Kapiti Coast District Council staff have been working on the site removing concrete barriers with the decision they will assess the area in 2 weeks time. A geologist is involved and preliminary plans are being made to restore the road after the slip using land from the springs paddock area and probably trees being removed and the water tank I set up needing to be dismantled too.

It is a waiting time with preparations being made the best we can, with getting more bird food and other basics to last a few months, getting the quad serviced, having the car, 4×4 and trailer on the Otaki side. Having good walking boots, socks and backpacks out of storage and the loan of a light wheelbarrow.

The biggest thing is having our attitudes and reactions to change exposed. We are challenged daily by something. Learning to give thanks in everything and praise God in the midst of this time will be important. We are grateful for KCDC Staff support, neighbours allowing us to have vehicles at their place, the opportunity to take the quad in and out for servicing through a gap in the concrete barriers for 2 weeks, the weather warming up as spring is here.

This is a big change for the DOC Ranger as he has been asked to leave so that means finding accommodation locally and occasional visits to check on the house etc. A suddenly that has been hard for him and leaves us as they only ones at the entrance to the Taruaua Forest Park with no access at present for the public unless the emergency track is activated again.

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