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The Gate | Changes and opportunities
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Changes and opportunities

Changes and opportunities

the amazing environment here is the environment for having birds and pests. We are having a new activity of bird monitoring with 3 monthly walks on the Arcus Dam track listening for 5 minutes every 200 metres. It is amazing to learn new bird sounds that have been present here for years without me knowing what they were. So the tomtit call has become the one I hear even around the house. It’s an exciting thing to hear them in the numbers that we found plus the possibility of a rifleman being at the second creek ( heard but not seen).

Great to have the young people here doing the Papa Taiao pest control course for 2 days. Inspired to keep going with the encouragement about what we are doing here. I have been focusing on how to monitor the wetas that may be here. I have put out some bamboo lengths on the track and on tracks around the house. In an attempt to make a different type I have taken some macracarpa firewood bits into a weta hotel by buying a tool to help with cleaning out the centre……a new skill to learn.

Another change is the slipping nature of the river side of the road. Workers are now putting together a support about 1 km from the house across the Pukeatua stream bridge leaving the digger and other equipment in the area across the road from the house entrance. Yesterday a line of cones appeared close to the Springs Paddock river side as the road has sunk over the past weeks where vehicles turn…. is this the future place of a land slip. It is possible? Do we need to have a vehicle prepared on the other side of the Blue Bluffs slip face?

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