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The Gate | Spring days for 2020
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Spring days for 2020

Spring days for 2020

Back in Level 2 has meant few changes for us, with more people distancing outside the grocery stores and in public settings/meetings, a few people wearing masks but mostly it’s life a usual.

We have had a great spell of warm spring weather now we have the rain of spring, most welcome after such a dry period. Pity it’s a bit cooler with now sunshine to heat the house. The underfloor and rayburn are welcomed at this time. We had a trip with the trailer one afternoon to collect dead gorge from the side of the road… the hottest burning wood available I believe… it was mostly easily broken up after just pulling it out of the ground only needing the chainsaw for the thicker stems. There’s more to collect if we so wish. It has been sprayed by road side spraying contractors.

We are glad for spring flowers again… in the garden -daffodils, on the tree tops- clematis looking like butterflies waving in the wind, the corybas orchids with their spider like flowers seen again on the road reserve, tiny white flower pieces from some native tree that puts a confetti like cover on the tracks, So life is stirring into action again… birds getting ready for laying as I guess that’s why there are more flocks of tui about.

Walkers still enjoy the track to the dam….some commenting that it’s a spiritual, walk others that it’s refreshing, of course it’s wet underfoot as it’s in the shade at this time of year.

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