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The Gate | Water tank filling from a spring.
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Water tank filling from a spring.

Water tank filling from a spring.

It’a been a journey that started during lockdown with thoughts about spring water at the Springs Paddock to the north of the house. I had tried to get spring water into a tank after the pad was made during the time of the slip in 2016 but it dried up… the lower spring.

David read me some verses from the story of Caleb in the book of Joshua and how is daughter asked for land, with upper and lower springs. That caught my attention so I then went looking to see if there was water behind the first level of the slip site where there were ditches behind each level. Sure enough and when I tapped it I found it flowed at 1 litre a minute.

So the journey of getting advice, pipes, fittings and the tank into the area which is filling as I write. Yesterday 24 July 2020 we joined it all together. I have had help at each stage with pulling the tank into position and making the site for it to rest. Another friend pulled the pipe from the area the water is to flow then yesterday David and Steve ( DOC) helped me put the intake into place supported by a piece of spouting. I joined the intake made of conduit with holes in it to that pipe and way it flowed. Hopefully the tank will be still filling and I have tried to put an overflow system away from the tank so it’s not undermined. It’s all amazing and as Steve said another thing to maintain . The Springs paddock now has access to clean and flowing water at the bottom level at the pad, so is getting ready for someone to come and stay. Not sure what it but it’s getting more prepared for a housebus, hut, caravan or something! Mind you it can be a windy spot but from there we could see the snow on the tops of the mountain yesterday.

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