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The Gate | winter chills
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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winter chills

winter chills

It’s been cold over the past few days as others have found but a good day for all after the storm. Of course there was slip further in as we realised with a digger and trucks hauling fall material away down Gorge road for dumping yesterday. It’s been time for inside jobs… cleaning and sorting in the garage and time to be still with reading. It’s been amazing to see the rata vine flowering for the last 2 months…great red flowers as a highlight in the bush and at the river. Great to have some fantails flitting around the area of the house.

We had a short break in a bach in Otaki and then 2 nights in Wellington. Would you believe we had our first swim then spa at the local council pools in 19 years followed by a roast dinner at the RSA, another first. So it was a good break with books to read and family to see.

Work changes over the winter. The indoor jobs call. Retreats are possible with a house warmed by the boiler and underfloor heating plus the ambiance from the rayburn stove in the kitchen(great for slow cooking in the oven).

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