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The Gate | Winter has come with varying days
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Winter has come with varying days

Winter has come with varying days

the work outdoors is lessening although the garden called yesterday to dig up yams and jerusalem artichokes. A good supply hidden under dirt and grass. I was able to weed the beds and put most weeds where the now 7 hens are grazing, digging and dust bathing.

David with the help of Sean have been working on completing pruning and improving the dam track so that the quad can now go to the last creek. What a major change after 3 years of no access for the last 1 1/2 km of the track. It is welcomed for carrying tools.

Guests for 2 weekends have come and gone. Challenging some of them but overall it was a special time for them. We are considering how we have a break away from this place…to a warm place? Sorry all flights to Rarotonga are still cancelled. There is a spar pool in Otaki Public pools so that’s an option, mind you we had a neighbour come have a bath here during the week as she is in house truck accommodation without one.

Overcast days, a frost or 2, some rain and so it’s generally cooler. Good time to kill bugs I hope as I saw a large green backed beetle on the deck the other day, not wanted here. The climbing rata has been flowering for a month so that’s a good colour for this time of year…. red flowers covering the plant which the bees go for. Time of year to go to bed early, yeh!

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