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The Gate | Updating action of late
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Updating action of late

Updating action of late

There’s been a major job done on the slip that had settled with 2 fallen kamahi trees about 3 years ago. With three extra helpers we had the trees cut into lengths, plants uplifted for repotting, earth moved to make a track and drainage done …. about 8 hours work …but there’s more been done to make it safer to take the quad across. All this to help us with track work further on. An amazing experience and educational with fungi, ferns and worms to add to the interest. (Photograph of before action)

It has taken me days to get the potting done, and with the boldness of David getting more pots that were used from Harrison’s nursery the job progresses. I have the new shelter house set out with plants and so we need to get some to move on with giving and sales.

Visitors call sometimes to use the phone having walked from the Forest Park after staying overnight, people coming to stay again with helpers for work on the dam track. It is amazing what conversations with people. It is great to have water tables improved, looking on the property in new ways especially the gift of help to do the first bird monitoring after all these years of pest control…. we saw and heard tuis, bellbirds, silvereyes, chaffinches, tomtits, a kereru and then 2 NZ falcons flying about at the dam ( our last post). We will have another of these in September.

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