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The Gate | You felt it too I expect
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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You felt it too I expect

You felt it too I expect

Hearing the overnight rain was great but the unexpected shake of 7.56 based in Levin was a surprise for many and a bit unsettling for sure. No damage noticed but I did think the turtle position was a good one to have beside my chair as I was reading my bible and thinking about the passage.

I have all the possum leg traps at home again after that big effort. A load of our collected rubbish headed out with Steve this morning so some things are getting back to normal. Visitors yes but no church gatherings yet. It seems paradoxical that men can get together to play rugby or soccer but not meet it a church building. How do we move forward from here in small groups? Probably the best for connecting with people for sure.

A quiet day reflecting and writing up a document on the many ways we have seen God provide for us over the past 44 years as a married couple in the places where we have lived up to today. Financial, physical help, encouragement and support on the way, etc. A good exercise for me to be grateful over the many things that have been showing that God is good.

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