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The Gate | Finished after lots of walking and many hours doing it.
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Finished after lots of walking and many hours doing it.

Finished after lots of walking and many hours doing it.

The season of catching, killing and plucking possums on the dam track from tbe beginning of Level 3, now we are in Level 2 of the lockdown. I have had few days break in the middle but for all that effort I caught 30 possums so thats a good number to no longer have ranging there. It was a good goal but I feel over it now, especially as I did a 7 km walk today and collected up most traps and carried back 5 possums in case a neighbour wanted them for meat for his dogs or the bones he was was looking for as part of his craft work. Now to bundle it up and courier it to Woodville to the factory to get $93.50 a kg. I wonder if the price has gone down with the tourist market gone as I had in the past got up to $ 130 per kg.

We are enjoying more contact with locals and friends and looking forward to contact with family again as we have had 2 months without seeing them.

I made a trip into Otaki this afternoon to play the ukulele with a friend from Levin who has been enjoying playing over the past weeks, did shopping including getting more hen pellets as I have now got 4 more chickens from a woman in the neighbourhood ( 7 km away) who has many hens and roosters. I priced the cost of a 1000lt water tank and 50 m of 20 mm pipe plus fittings which will cost about $800 from Farmlands. I called into Brent O”Hagans to see if he had any spare conduit, he gave me some fittings and I headed home with a venison patty to share with David, yum all a gift.

Well, we are ready to a day off… me especially. I trust you do enjoy a day of rest after a good week of work. I was reading Psalm 135 this morning “Praise the Lord of Lords for He his good and he is gracious and merciful”.

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