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The Gate | Water flow achieved
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Water flow achieved

Water flow achieved

I had a full day with checking possum traps to find one possum to kill and pluck only on Monday, unsetting them all again as I was away all Tuesday. The Woodville factory is offering $93.50 per kilo if couriered to the factory. It is a lot of walking each day… Monday 5 km.

On my return I headed up to the ‘Springs Paddock’ to see if I could collect and measure the water flow in the ditch of on the hillside of Blue Bluffs. I took a pipe predrilled with 3 rows of holes, a piece of irrigation pipe (15 mm) a bucket and a grubber. I pulled the 25mm pipe that was already up at the pad to the area of the ditch pulling it behind me as I carried it up when climbing the rope. It was quite a job to get everything into place, joined in a temporary fashion and as level as possible, even a little downhill. It ended up that I was able to fill the 15 litre bucket in 15 minutes. ( I dropped the bucket once so had to climb down the hill to collect it). This was a great achievement so we can work towards getting more pipe and a tank with fittings to get flowing water down to the pad site.

On Saturday and Sunday we had people to tea, and lunch Sunday with Jim coming to walk the dam track looking at the areas to put a bird count marker in. We saw and heard a number of birds … tomtit, whitehead, tui, bellbird, silvereye being the most dominant, meeting a number of walkers that day. I took the rata flowers on my visit to the river on Saturday afternoon.

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