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The Gate | a beautiful day…. sunny again
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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a beautiful day…. sunny again

a beautiful day…. sunny again

We are back to Level 2 so life goes back to some sense of normality with retail shops opening like the butcher and fresh food stalls. We had a visit on the last night of Level 3 to Otaki to have fish and chips and to see the sunset at Otaki Beach. What a beautiful sight, oranges and brilliant red. It was a place to see others we knew as we walked to the Waitohu stream together.

It has been a few days of working around the house with the leg traps being unset after I felt that I needed a break from killing possums. Since then I have found I need to send fur directly to the factory in Woodville because the local buyer has been discontinued…. now paying $93.50 per kilo if couriered to them. I have over 2 kg so have to add more as I still have traps on the dam track up to 2 km towards the dam.

I have finally trapped and killed 2 possums that have been interfering with the toilet paper at the long drop toilet at the Spring’s paddock (I sold one for to a man for dog food). Doing that putting me on the path of thinking about a water supply there. I finally climbed up to Blue Bluffs face where there is water coming from the face of the slip. I have yet to find a way to measure how much is flowing from there. I put a rope in place to help me climb up. David and I made a trip up there together… a time of reconnaissance. I had a problem that came from my first visit, I had a piece of gorse pocked into my right eye, so I made a trip to visit the doctor and check the effect. It was checked and no damage found.

Today it’s a chance to do a bird count with a Jim from the Wairarapa. What a privilege and I am glad that I have a person who can identify the sounds of ones I don’t recognise.

It’s was great to have our first visitors to tea… collecting fejioas, feeding the ducks and finishing the evening watching a sample of line dancing.

thoughts from my visit to the river beach yesterday. Have you ever wonderednwho taught the spider to make a perfect web, shimmering in the sun, waiting for it’s place.

Or have you wondered who did teach the birds to sing and fly about, the piwakaka or tui is different so who taught them to how to fly.

What about the different growing around the river bank the smallest so fine and fragile maiden hair fern to the ponga or silver fern that’s growing down here.
I too think and conclude for sure, there’s a designer so amazing and infinitely determined to create beauty all around.

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