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The Gate | learning new things
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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learning new things

learning new things

I found I had adjusted the hive thinking I would be taking off a box of empty frames only to find the hive in an distressed state until I put it back into the hive at the bottom instead of at the top… peace at last as the bees all headed into the entrance.

I saw and photographed a small ‘joey’ possum baby after I killed it’s mother as part of the possum control work I have been doing on the dam track. A day off today from such a long walk and so much killing….I have been out doing it over a number of days. I was away from the house for 4 hours.

How to remodel the hen house to prepare for some more hens… hopefully laying smaller eggs to use in the DOC 200 traps. I took the back off and found all these red looking groups of ? what? were they red mites. It wasn’t long afterwards that my hair felt very itchy, in fact until I had a shower before tea. I replaced the back with another nesting box and re arranged the perches, put some more shavings onto the floor and into the boxes before replacing the ladder and door to the east. I have yet to put a proper lift up door over the top of the boxes area but had a sheet of metal covering it overnight. It’s not quiet the same as it was and so it will be interesting to see how the hens adjust.

I am on a journey of trying to catch the pesky, toilet paper removing possum by the outhouse, long drop toilet at the Springs paddock. I went yesterday to find the apple had been eaten and so rearranged the trap and put flour and icing sugar lure on the tree bark. It does seem a pity to try catching it but after the removing of 3 toilet rolls in various containers I am intent of catching it. I have also been thinking of how to get a water supply in the area… many ways could be possible but 2 are an option… harvesting rain by setting up a system or trying to find if there is a spring we can tap in the hlllside> I have yet to investigate.

Lots of ideas take time to process. Another could be getting another micro hydro made from the bits we retrieved from the destroyed one. The process is still to be jelled in my head.. photograph the parts then send these to the man who engineered it in the first place in Taranaki. Then what? does it connect to the generator shed or the house? how much would it cost? who would do the work?

then there’s the floor I would like to have at the remote hut… covering the foundation? then the question on how to glue butynol onto another surface? So many things to keep my mind busy yet I know if I ask God to help me the answers will be made clear. That’s wisdom.

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