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The Gate | sunny no cloud day after snow on the mountains
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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sunny no cloud day after snow on the mountains

sunny no cloud day after snow on the mountains

It has been the usual May blast from the south with hail, over 80 mm of rain on one day and 48 the next, so its dam underfoot and cool. But time to keep doing what we can to keep rats and stoat numbers down. It is amazing to have the sun after a few overcast days. Mind you the fire in the kitchen feels like a necessity in the mornings now.

A delivery of 17 DOC boxes to use for the stored cleaned and oiled traps meant I stayed around the house for part of the afternoon, waiting for the delivery of the by GWRC staff. I had spent time trying to get the DOC 200 traps to be set off with a weight under 70 gms so with Paul’s help we adjusted one that is close to the house. While waiting I did some potting of plants… an ongoing activity over the next weeks. In fact I have been thinking I need a new place to put them as my nursery sites are full.

Preserving fejioas continues with some small Agee jars and bottles with lids that seal. So that’s been a good way to keep them as I had 2 bucketful’s meant I need to do something as the neighbours didn’t respond to my offer, except one that doesn’t like them.

I have been trying to sort out what thickness the wool I have spun and dyed is so that I can find a suitable pattern to knit up. It’s all a bit of a journey but finally I had some hand written notes in the back of a book on wool to help me. It indicated that depending on how many times it is wound around a ruler per cm or inch one can decide if it is double knitting or chunky or 3 or 4 ply. So the journey to be creative continues.

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