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The Gate | Focus for the rain in coming
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Focus for the rain in coming

Focus for the rain in coming

Over the past week it was days of possum traps being checked with lots of walking plus an afternoon when David took the quad up the dam track carrying chainsaws to cut trees that had blocked the tracks. He headed down to remove one had had used a hand saw on and now that’s tidied up and on the dam track where a slip had occurred. All for access. I left traps unset till this time of rain and unsettled weather is over.

I only killed 10 possums over the many days but River killed 20 so the Hill of Hope ridge and beyond are now being cleared. How fit one needs to be to keep the hill climbing happening.

A comment from Steve about the wide bike tracks on the dam track, “one needs to keep the thigh muscles working”. I can see his reasoning as he bikes up the road to the top ridge of Cyrus Hills forest instead of using an electric bike. Mind you it’s something I have toyed with lots as reportedly they give a great sense of freedom so hills are no obstacle.

Lots of overnight rain but no damage to the road edge seen as I walked north and south this morning. A welcome change when we haven’t had a decent fall for many weeks. Time to catch up on a few indoor activities like knitting and writing up plant names on tile pieces ( this has been a work in progress for a week or two now.

We have had a couple of restful days with more time on the internet watching services, teachings and connecting with Hub people and family. Great to see Brian and Joy Saturday and Sunday plus Dan and Joy even though the children we not all that happy. What for our future? when can we go out to see people in person? so many questions as we wait the instructions Government is giving re Level 3 and 2.

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