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The Gate | Not a possum in sight for me
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Not a possum in sight for me

Not a possum in sight for me

This morning I took a long walk with no possums caught but an opportunity to take fungi photos and collect a few more plants to pot. So that’s what I did arriving home for lunch. The afternoon has included a zoom prayer meeting with members of the Hub, some weeding in the vege garden, using the hedge trimmer to prune a pathway beside a garden shelter. Some greens picked for a pesto mix and collecting the fallen fejoias added to the afternoons activity of potting the plants including a few small ferns and tawa seedlings.

The sky has been grey but sure looks good now that the sun is setting. Greys with white and orange/pink breaking through. So the end of another day comes.

I had a part of a song on my mind after tea and couldn’t find it anywhere and as I don’t use my computer after tea it challenged me…………” my soul, it is the Lord”. from a hymn and so having looked at a hymn book wrote a number of possible beginnings… eg rest, find peace, and many others only to find Google, the wealth of information said it was ” Hark my soul it is the Lord” from the words of William Couwper. It was a question based song about my love the Lord?

I was intently concentrating on milling some flour… noisy machine and Steve DOC Ranger and a new ranger Phillipa came to visit after he had been helping Dean remove slabs of macracarpa from his property as others have been stolen with other things in the past weeks.

So life in the gorge goes on .. more traffic now travelling at a faster speed. SO is life likely to go back to normal or has there been a shift. The economy has been challenged in NZ as it has in many countries around the world. Many older people have died, especially in care homes. We have been living quietly, yet with purposeful activities.

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