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The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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out and about

out and about

A lot more traffic since level 3 with cars driving faster too.
It has been a good day for pest control with River catching and killing 15 possums and changing lure and gas canisters of 7 of 10 lure good nature on the Hill of Hope.. looks like I will need to take a visit in future. Dee and Tim arrived about 9am to change baits and clean traps on the dam track and I followed them up to check possum traps. I caught 3, moved 10 traps to new locations along the track and so work goes on while the sun shines. It was another opportunity to collect small plants so I potted them up this afternoon, plants like kawakawa, pate, putaputaweta and some tawa I believe.

David has made the place look very tidy with the weed eater and I did the garden paths this afternoon so it is a general tidy up. Fejoias are falling so we are enjoying them now with some to share.

I have been trying to get the water flow sorted for the glass house and toilet block… to get the pressure up. Not sure how it has worked but today I turned off the tap at the tank and ran all the taps until nothing was coming out then went back and turned it on again. The flow is greater when there’s only one tap open.

Night falls and David has been in Otaki getting groceries, mail and taking the lawn mower into be serviced as it hasn’t gone for the past 5 weeks I believe. At least he was able to get the chainsaw going today so that was positive. Last nights meal of goat meat again tonight… an easy tea with potatoes and salad.

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