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The Gate | Satisfied with a sunny day
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Satisfied with a sunny day

Satisfied with a sunny day

what a cold day yesterday so it was a welcome sight seeing no clouds. The trip to on the dam track was not as fruitful as yesterday as far as catching possums. It was good to collect a few plants for potting up so that’s what I did this afternoon. I put the plants out to sell and had a couple of young men stopped and bought some. We had a great conversation as they studying environment/ecology at the local Wananga. They were keen to spend time in the bush so we might see them again. River called in after he set some traps on the Hill of Hope to collect the lures and gas canisters for the 10 good nature traps there… a new skill for him to learn so gave him a demonstration. The first car headed up the gorge road at 5 am this morning… could be a hunter or a tramper in Level 3, first day.

Half a bucket of fejoias off the lawn. David is cooking tea for tonight as he needs to learn the skill of managing time after a days work. We put the goat shoulder given to us by Steve to cook in the slow cooker about 2 pm so it will be tender.A bath will have to wait as he had been strimming paths. I set some possum traps close to the house as some of the plants in the garden are getting eaten, like the brassicas and spinach.

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