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The Gate | Possuming in earnest
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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Possuming in earnest

Possuming in earnest

A big commitment to go walking every day… today the total for me was about 4 km for a 3 to kill and pluck. Not an easy job when one screamed loudly at me and was ready to attack just when 2 walkers arrived on the scene on their way to the dam. I stopped and talked to them before heading onwards with my work, after killing the one which was screaming and ended up cutting 2 back legs off… might try eating the meat.

We had another time at the river a couple of days ago late afternoon with a hot drink and pancake, I had a thought of going back home to cook a chicken pastry pie for tea which I changed to lasagne instead after reading a recipe on the paper wrapping the tin and frypan. It was good to sit there a while to listen to the running water… yes it has changed since last time we were there as rain has come, depositing sticks for my fire.

I have finished the book of Hadassah by Tommy Tenny. It was a rewrite of the story of Esther. An amazing answer from God himself in a very difficult situation. Having been taken to be among the new concubines in preparation to be a queen and the eunuchs who would serve them… all forced to a life of service against their will. Their freedoms are more curtailed than mine that’s for sure.

Time to fix the problem of having air in the pipe to the shower block and caravans…my simple method is not enough I found out today so we will need to extract the pipe from the bushes that have covered it and have it drain the air out and then put it back into place. Probably need the hedge trimmer to help us clear the way.

The white flour Brian Titter delivered has been helpful as I mixed it with icing sugar and use it to help lure possums. I have also been using Calf mooslie in plastic cups screwed to trees (protected from the overnight rain). He also bought us some blueberry and cashew cheese having heard David was interested in some arriving unexpectedly next day with it. It sure is nice.

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