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The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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today’s stuff

today’s stuff

Level 4 lockdown continues. It’s easy to spend lots of time on the computer and internet … I did work on the Deborah Trust accounts today before enlarging the names of plants I want to transfer to prepared tiles.

Then it was time to go out…washing done, floor swept and Mere offered me some of her plain white flour so I could make up possum lure as I was thinking of setting traps. So with David’s help taking me on the quad to the top of the zizzag and the steps to the emergency track I took lure and gas replacements and headed off. What a quiet and beautiful place, with the company of a fantail a fair bit of the way. I found a tree that had been blazed probably by a stag. The rat numbers are from 1-9 in the recorders but with the lure needing changing 4 monthly it was time. I took a walkie talkie and spoke to David as I ate and apple and peanuts with water to follow up on the skid site 15 with it’s great view way up high.

On the way back down Kathy’s Way I cleared off the track lots of broken branches from the Kamahi trees. I found I only had 10 lure so that was a problem as I need to climb up the rope to replace 2. I walked home collecting a few small plants from the side of the track and put out 6 possum traps using the flour, icing sugar and cinnamon/curry powder mixture I was able to make up.

Home on dark…a great day with washing dry and the wool I dyed looks pretty good. Not taken as much as I hoped but worth a try.

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