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The Gate | catching up after a few wet and windy days
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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catching up after a few wet and windy days

catching up after a few wet and windy days

I have enjoyed being out and about again.Yesterday for pest control and putting out some more chew cards with an extension of a track through some interesting bush.. lots of supplejack to cut through. It was great to see the red flowering stinkhorn fungi in the bush again that I found last year.

Today I headed to the pine needles that had fallen to pick up some with a rack and so collected 3 bags of the edge of the tarsealed road. I thought this would be easier than under the pine trees. About 1/2 hours work for the 3 which I will pick up at a later date. I needed to go to the long drop toilet and guess what? you would think a possum wanted to use the toilet as it ws all stained and the toilet paper was ripped and chewed and sitting on the ground outside. It needed a bit of a clean up before I could use it.

Time to prune… well overdue I might add, the hazelnut trees to the north of the house, finding 5 hazel nuts. Well with suckers gone there will be a bit more wind pollenation I hope. I had to clean out fern and grass from underneath and now we are left with a heap of thick branches? for burning in future.

I had a good walk to the picnic area on Sunday afternoon. It was a good afternoon to get out after spending quite a bit of time on internet with services to watch and catching up with family and friends.

Today I have been working on new plant signs on prepared tile pieces. It is good to have time to consider new things.. I have been thinking of doing some dyeing so that I use the dyes that have been sitting in storage for years. I need to have a lesson on how to use the dyes that are made up.

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