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The Gate | catching up on undone work
The gate is a prayer retreat center in Otaki Forks, New Zealand
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catching up on undone work

catching up on undone work

It all started with the thought about the hazel nut trees to the front of the house… time to check them. Well underneath they were overgrown with grass and ring fern and up in the tree structure were the strong growths of upright suckers with lots of molenbeckia growing all through. It’s taken me a couple of days to clear the area, do the basic pruning and collect some cuttings to try to root and then move the netting fence that was placed close to them but all overgrown. Well tonight I feel better than I did when I first saw them, having found 5 hazel nuts it has spurred me on to better care, more open branches and hopefully a better crop next year. So much to learn with the great variety of things growing here.

We picked up our first fejoias tonight so the season has started for which I am grateful. Tomorrow I am expecting to collect an ordered delivered to an address in Waehanga road from Penray Gardens. the pokchoi seeds have germinated in the mix of sand and worm poo that I put together under a sheet of clear Perspex.

A lovely walk over the past few days… great to be outdoors, collect field horse mushrooms and the bolete growing in the area. I am ever grateful for such gifts. It was great to feel better in my chest today as I walked to the picnic area and back this afternoon. It is amazing to see the different greens and see the occasional bird. It seemed that the tui were all quiet today.

Connected visually with different people from the Hub with Zoom after meeting the service which was prerecorded on UTube. It was good to have the family in Normandale come visit with Skype after a visit to the storm foreshore in Petone. Phone calls to family and friends are good for me to do to keep connected with people.

Mushroom soup is the best for using the horse mushrooms but I am trying it with pasta tonight. I did my first grinding of flour from wheat I have had here as I wanted to cook banana muffins ( from the soft ones purchased this last week with our shopping list) and a self saucing pudding on our anniversary day. We had the Rayburn oven on so that did most of the cooking like soup, chickpeas, a leg of goat and the muffins on Friday so I felt very satisfied because it also meant we had hot water that night.

Changes ahead for NZ if the lockdown level drops to 3 but I wouldn’t think we would be encouraged to go out yet. I do wonder what God is up to in the nations of the world as He is called a God of righteousness and justice as well as a God of love and mercy. I have been wondering what others are saying rather than thinking of self preservation. It amazing what is on the internet to listen to.

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